Review: Origins Make A Difference Plus + Rejuvenating Treatment


Origins Make A Difference Plus + Rejuvenating Treatment has been on my wishlist for quite some time and was featured on my very first Gotta Haves post back in June. I’ve been testing it out for a few weeks and here’s what I think…


Let’s first talk about what it is- it’s an oil-free gel treatment intended to help repair dry or dehydrated skin. It has ingredients like Lychee and Watermelon extract, and the Rose of Jericho that is aimed at oily/combo skin types.


Since we moved to the Dominican Republic, I’ve been dealing with break-outs and dehydrated skin– this product is definitely helping me on both fronts and is quickly moving into holy-grail status! I use this day and night after any oil/serum and before applying my moisturizer. You may not need a moisturizer, but I feel like my skin needs it, so just do a test and see what’s right for you.

There is no question that Make A Difference Plus + Treatment is keeping my skin super hydrated and I’ve come to believe that hydration is key for your skin when you’re dealing wit break-outs because it really helps speed along healing time and makes spots disappear faster.

A little goes a long way, so even though it cost $39.50, it is definitely worth it and will last you quite a while. Oh and can I just say, it smells absolutely amazing! This has quickly become one of my favorite steps in my skincare routine not only because its really helping my dehydrated skin, but because I can’t get enough of the smell! I love it so much, wish this scent came in a body moisturizer too!

So with all that being said, I definitely recommend this if you’re dealing with dehydrated skin and/or acne breakouts– more specifically the red marks that are often left behind after a breakout. This will definitely help speed up healing time and clear up your complexion faster.

Have you tried this? What do you think?

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