Review: Bumble & Bumble Surf Travel Set


I know Summer is essentially over for most people, but it is also just slipping into Spring for others. Here in the Dominican Republic, Summer is not over, not really. Honestly, if it were, I would still want beachy hair! I love the look of it and anything that will help me achieve that look without a daily visit to the beach (sounds like a good idea, though), I’m all for. With that being said, I finally caved and bought the Bumble & Bumble Surf Travel Set so I could sample the whole line.


Let me just say: it’s love.

I first tried out the shampoo and conditioner. I did nothing else to my hair in terms of styling and just let it air-dry. It smells nice and does exactly what its supposed to. Then I washed my hair with my usual shampoo & conditioner, towel dried it a bit, then used the Surf Spray and let my hair air-dry. The results? Amazing texture and volume without making your hair crispy. This stuff is seriously like beach babe in a bottle!

At $28 this set is an excellent value to try out all the products from this line. Yes, Bumble & Bumble products are more expensive, but you get what you pay for. If you’re going on vacation, definitely pick this set up! It is limited edition however, so if you’re interested, I would purchase it soon.

The full-size Surf shampoo & Conditioner will put you back $49 for both. After trying the whole set, I would say you only really need the Surf Spray to achieve a “I-just-spent-all-day-at-the-beach-look.” You can buy the 1.7 oz of the Surf Spray for $15 if you just want to try that out, but they also have a 4 oz size for $25 which is the better value.

If you love the look of beach hair as much as I do and want to achieve it without a visit to the beach, then I would definitely recommend picking up the Surf Spray. It is by far my go-to from now on.

Have you tried anything from the Bumble & Bumble? Recommendations are always welcome!

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