Must Eats: Flor Cafe

cafe 2

We only found this wonderful Cafe two months ago, but it has quickly become a regular stop for us. It’s right off the main road from Rio San Juan to Cabrera and is only 20 minutes from where we live. So why do we love it so much?

cafe 6

First off, this cafe shares property with a Vivero (plant nursery), so there are lots and lots of beautiful plants/flowers all around– like this amazing tree!

cafe 4

cafe 3

cafe 5

cafe 7

As you can see, the seating around the cafe is absolutely amazing! You can lounge & order a latte or sit in the lovely pavilion and enjoy a nice lunch. The atmosphere is really very cozy and relaxing.

cafe 8

We just had brunch and I ordered this beautiful Cappuccino…

cafe 10

And this delicious homemade Greek yogurt with fresh fruit, honey & almonds!


Edward ordered this Pan de Pasa- a.k.a. Rasin Bread French Toast!

All the food is absolutely delicious, but what drew us to this cafe is that they make their own milk, yogurt, greek yogurt & cheese! Everything is so fresh and tasty, we make sure to stop here about twice a week now.

If you’re coming to visit the Dominican Republic,  will be in Puerto Plata or the Northern Coast and need a guaranteed good place to eat lunch, definitely check out Flor Cafe in Abreu– seriously, it’s worth it!

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