Clarins Graphic Expressions Face and Blush Palette


The Clarins Graphic Expressions Face and Blush Palette ($35) is a limited edition release for Fall 2013. I thought this palette was absolutely gorgeous and since I don’t own anything like it, I decided to pick it up!


It comes in a fancy red velvet pouch and the packaging is gold-plated, so while again very fancy and sleek, it does get dirty very quickly.


I mean really, just look at how beautiful this is! This was specifically designed to complement Fall fashion and beauty trends. The powder is super finely milled with a light beige to illuminate, a dark beige to even out skin tone and a coral pink to sculpt. The gold glitter strip is just an over spray, so no worries as it’s gone after the first use.

You can swirl your brush over the entire palette to get a wonderful peachy rose color or concentrate through the middle if you just want to subtly bronze up without getting any blush. Either way you use it, the results are stunning and I’m so glad I decided to purchase this.

clarins swatches

Did I mention it It helps to minimize pores, lasts all day, layers really well AND smells amazing?


Here’s how it looks in action. It will be super flattering on pretty much every skin tone and is super easy to apply and go.

What do you think?

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