L’Oreal Youth Code Texture Perfector Serum

Loreal Youth Code Texture Perfector Serum

I wanted to try the new L’Oreal Youth Code Texture Perfector Serum, not only because my skin had exactly what it’s supposed to treat, but also because I heard amazing things about it. I’ve been using this mostly day and night for a month and here’s what I think…

For those of you who are not familiar with this product, it’s a serum designed to smooth skin’s texture, reduce and tighten pore size, and reduce the appearance of fine lines. It’s part of a line that also includes a cleanser and moisturizer, but I’ve only been using the serum. The L’Oreal Youth Code line is designed for younger people who are just starting to see fine lines appear, so this was perfect for me!

Besides the claims I listed above, there are more specific claims in terms of results when using this product:

– Skin’s texture is instantly smoothed

-After one week, pores will appear reduced and tightened

-In one month, fine lines are visibly minimized AND skin will feel more supple & quality looks improved.

So, does it work? YES!!!!

After using this for one month, there is a (huge) noticeable difference in my skin.  When applied, it absorbs really fast and leaves my face feeling silky smooth. It does exactly what it says it will, is also non-comedogenic (won’t clog your pores) and suitable for all skin types. This even helps reduce the scarring and hyper-pigmentation left over from old breakouts!

Loreal Youth Code Texture Perfector Serum

The only thing I don’t love about this serum is the scent. It’s smells very perfumey, which I don’t necessarily love putting on my face, but the scent lingers only while I’m applying it and then goes away.

Also worth noting, after using morning and night for a month, I still have about half a bottle– so depending on how you use it, this will last you at least two months.

So yes, I definitely recommend this if you have any of the same skin concerns I do (uneven texture, large pores and fine lines). I can only imagine the results you would get from using all three products! I’m tempted to try the cleanser and moisturizer, but honestly, I don’t know how the results could get any better!

Have you tried anything from this line?

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18 comments on “L’Oreal Youth Code Texture Perfector Serum

  1. Oh Im going to have to try this. Este Lauder has something like this that I tried. But I refused to buy because it was $50. How much does this run?

  2. I’ve been experimenting alot with creams and serums lately, especially from philosophy but Loreal always has great stuff. I’ll be sure to grab this when I run out of my current creams 🙂

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