Bath & Body Works Winter Haul

bath & body works winter haul

Now that we’re into the second week of December, I am getting even more excited for Christmas! Scented soaps and candles really help it feel more like the Holidays especially because it’s still pretty sunny and green outside. Here are the most recent bits I picked up from Bath & Body Works to help it smell more festive (is that a thing?)!

I always use the anti-bacterial soaps from BBW in the bathroom and kitchen, so I decided to get 4 wintery-scents that should last us until we visit Pennsylvania in March. I chose Winter Cranberry (cranberries and vanilla), Snow Kissed Mint (frozen mint, coconut and sugared marshmallow), Candy Cane Bliss (white peppermint, vanilla and spun sugar), and Winter Candy Apple (candied apples, spiced orange zest and winter musk).

I also really liked the mason jar candles I bought last time, so I decided to pick up a couple more of those as well. I ended up going with ‘Tis The Season (red apples, green pine and golden cider) and Winter (pine needles, clementines, and winter woods).

Overall, I’m super duper happy with the scents I picked out and can’t wait to start using everything!

 What’s your favorite winter scent from BBW?

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