10 Top MAC Eyeshadows & Swatches!

Top 10 MAC Eyeshadows

Today it’s all about MAC eyeshadows, which are actually responsible for sparking my first interest/obsession with makeup. I was going to do my top five, but I couldn’t narrow it down, so instead I’m going to break it down into two categories: The five you absolutely need and the extra five it would be nice to have.

5 Must-Have Mac Eyeshadows

1. Shroom– A soft beige (Satin) — This is the perfect inner-corner and brow-bone highlight, not too shimmery and could even be worn all over the lid on a simple makeup day.

2. All That Glitters– A nice shimmery champagne (Veluxe Pearl) — This is one of the most beautiful colors I own. Veluxe Pearl is my favorite finish because all you need to do is take the shadow all over your eyelid and it looks like you’ve done a lot more work than you have.

3. Soft Brown– A warm golden peachy brown (Matte) — Soft brown is such a beautiful color, it’s the absolute perfect warm crease/transition shadow.

4. Woodwinked– A warm antiqued gold (Veluxe Pearl) — I absolutely love this shadow and tend to wear it on it’s own all over the lid. A great one for summer!

5. Twinks– A deep plum-pearl (Veluxe Pearl) — A great one to wear smudged on the lower lash line and/or in the outer-corner or all over the lid. Brings a bit of color and makes my hazel eyes look more green. I wear it all year long, but it’s especially great for Fall too.

5 Must-Have Mac Eyeshadow Swatches

MAC Nice To Have Eyeshadow

1. Naked Lunch– Slight nude pink shimmer (Frost) — I really like this for a no-makeup look, as it’s super subtle but still adds a little something. It’s also a great one to use if you want to add a little liquid liner or a cat-flick.

2. Patina–  Golden taupe-brown w/pearl (Frost) — This is an unexpected love of mine. It’s a super beautiful color which shows up warm-toned on me, but cool on others, so it’s definitely one to swatch first. Again, this is subtle and great when you want something a little more everyday wearable.

3. Satin Taupe– A purple/silver taupe (Frost) — I don’t wear this one as much as I should, but I still really love it. It’s versatile and can be worn pretty much any way you want, smudged on the lower lash line, all over the lid, in the outer-corner, or even in the crease. It’s a great all-rounder.

4. Antiqued– A brown copper bronze (Veluxe Pearl) — This one is great for fall, but I’m also going to be breaking it out this spring/summer as copper eyes are going to be in.

5. Smut– A brown grey/black (Velvet) — I just really love everything about this shadow. It’s prefect for giving your eyes a little bit of definition or to do a warm smokey eye, because it’s not too dramatic and much more wearable than black.

5 Mac Nice To Have Eyeshadow Swatches

I plan on visiting a MAC store when we’re stateside (in just over 2 weeks now!!!), so I’ll no doubt be picking up another eyeshadow or two. On my radar: Omega, Amber Lights, and Texture.

Have you tried any of these? Do you have any recommendations for me to check out?

P.s. I know the M in the first picture actually has 13 shadows, but I needed more to make a nice M 😛

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15 comments on “10 Top MAC Eyeshadows & Swatches!

  1. I hate admitting this but I don’t own any MAC eye shadows or lipsticks. I never really jumped on the MAC wagon. I actually prefer theBalm palettes. I’m sure it’s a matter of time, I now have a family friend who works at MAC and I’ve been putting off placing an order with her but one of these days I’ll stock up on MAC. Thanks for giving me a place to start. <- That said, I've used MAC products and woodwinked & naked lunch are 2 that I do like 🙂

    • How interesting! I’ve only tried the Hot Mama blush from theBalm, but I definitely want to try some more, especially the Mary-Lou Manizer EVERYONE has been raving about. Glad to know I helped and I can’t wait to see what you end up purchasing first from MAC 🙂 x

  2. Thanks for posting this! I am going to build a quad at the MAC store before my wedding and I will be buying some of these colors. I have heard Vinyl is also a good color for the inner corners and wedge is a good crease color.

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