New MAC Additions


I’m trying really hard lately not to buy any new makeup, so that I can dig into my stash and make use of what I have. That and I’ve recently booked a trip back to the States for late September, so I’m again trying to save money for that trip and for the shopping that will definitely happen while I’m there. With that being said, there is just something about MAC that I simply can’t resist! So of course, here are the latest additions I picked up recently.


1. Lady Danger Lipstick $16- This is a Matte  “vivid bright coral-red,” and not something you would expect to find in my lipstick collection. I don’t usually go for mattes or for really bright lipsticks– easy wear-ability and natural-looking is more my style, but after seeing how gorgeous this looked on several different ladies, I decided on a whim to give it a try.

2. Soba Eyeshadow $10 – Described as a “gold brown with gold shimmer,” I decided to pick this one up simply because Anna (from ViviannaDoesMakeup), Lily (from LilyPebbles), and Sammi (from BeautyCrush) ALL said this was one of their favorite MAC shadows in this video. Since I love all of them, how could I not pick it up??

3. Sable Eyeshadow $10 – Described as a “gold-plum with bronze pearl,” I picked this one up because I thought it would look nice with my hazel eyes and because I feel like it will be getting a lot of use this Fall/Winter.

4. Sized to Go Vanilla Pigment $10 – I’ve been hearing for absolute ages how gorgeous this pigment is and never broke down and purchased it because a.) I feel like their normal pigments are huge and you will never use it all up, and b.) because you will never use it all up, isn’t that wasting the $21? So when I saw they had smaller mini sized ones available, I didn’t even hesitate. I really think that even this small one will take me years to use up!

Have you tried any of these?

Thanks for reading!

-Deb xx


18 comments on “New MAC Additions

  1. I love soba… I use it almost every day! I also have sable, but I haven’t used it yet! We have a new MAC store in our mall… and I haven’t even been there yet because I know it would be a disaster for my wallet!

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