Monthly Favorites: July

july favorites

I really want to talk about how I can’t believe it’s August now and I can’t believe how fast time is going by…but I’ll spare you of that this month (kind of!) and instead get right into what I’ve been loving and why.

1. Buxom Customizable Eyeshadow Bar Palette – This new palette by Buxom is super cool because they have like 40 different shades that you can pick from to create your own palette. I’m planning on doing a full review on this, (it’s up now and you can find the review here if you’re interested) but it’s really good and definitely worth heading to Sephora or Ulta to check it out in person.

2. Becca x Jacyln Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Champagne Pop – I’ve been watching Jaclyn Hill for almost two years. That girl knows how to do makeup!! She teamed up with Becca to make this amazing highlighter. Seriously, it is absolutely stunning and it’s said to work for every skintone. Again, I think I’m going to do a full review on this, but just know two things: 1. It’s limited edition, so buy it now before it’s gone & 2. You need this.

3. Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Streak – I don’t wear lipstick enough. Normally I just grab a lip gloss or balm and go, but I really like lipstick and want to try and wear it more. That’s where this one came in as a favorite this month. It’s a really beautiful pinky coral that totally brightens up my face and is perfect for summer!

4. bareMinerals Blemish Therepy – I was browsing the Sale section on Sephora’s website and came across this for only $12. I checked it out and it had really good reviews, so I decided to give it a try. bareMinerals came out with a cream version of this, so I thought maybe they were discontinuing it…but I checked the website again and it’s back to the normal price ($18). Well, whatever reason it was on sale, I’m really happy it was because I wouldn’t have gotten this otherwise and it’s really good. I’m really lucky that I don’t break out like crazy anymore and instead just get the occasional breakout. I tried this out on a spot the morning it showed up and it seriously diminished the size by the nighttime! I applied it again at night and it was basically gone by morning! This has sulfur as the main ingredient, so maybe that’s why it worked so well on me? Anyway, it’s awesome and I highly recommend checking it out if you’re in need of a product like this.

5. Stella McCartney Stella Eau de Toilette Travel Spray – The original Stella perfume is one of my favorites, so when I saw she came out with this one, I really wanted to give it a try. It’s a super fresh rose scent that I really like, especially for the Spring and Summer. It’s hard to find a rose scent that doesn’t remind you of your grandmother, but Stella is the master of that, so I recommend checking out both this and the original Stella scent if you like roses. I will say that I think this one doesn’t last as long as I’d like, but that’s not a deal breaker for me as the scent is so beautiful I don’t mind reapplying if necessary.

6. Sephora Outrageous Curl Mascara – I ordered this because Karima from Shameless Fripperies said this was really good and I trust her opinion so I decided to give it a try. Do I need another mascara? Absolutely not. Was this one worth getting? Yes! The brush is really strange, definitely the first of it’s kind that I’ve come across. I’ll pop up a dedicated post on this to show you what I mean, but until then just know that if you’re looking for extreme volume and curl, this is the one for you.

Have you tried any of these? What have your favorites been?

Happy Monday everyone!! x


8 comments on “Monthly Favorites: July

  1. YES, so glad someone else blogged about how great of an idea the Buxom palette is! They should really make a bigger customizable palette!

    • Right? It’s so strange no one is really talking about it! Maybe the didn’t do any PR or marketing on this one to the beauty bloggers or vloggers and that’s why we haven’t seen it being talked about? Who knows… I’m certainly happy I have it! x

  2. I love your favorite pics! Since you like the formula of the UD Revolution lipsticks but don’t wear lipstick often, I highly suggested the shade Naked! It’s great for everyday and is a good shade to get you in the habit of wearing lipstick more often 🙂

    • Thank you so much Kaily! I really appreciate the suggestion. I will definitely have to give it a swatch when I visit the States next month. I also have my eye on their new matte collection! Have you tried any of those? For now, I recently picked up Velvet Teddy by MAC and I absolutely love it! x

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